I am pleased to report that The Society has had another very active year and I set out below some of our activities over the last twelve months.

Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) Heritage Action Zones recognise those towns where historic buildings and places have the potential to play a significant part in the economic and social regeneration of the area. Ramsgate was given Heritage Action Zone status by Historic England in 2017. 

During the last twelve months the Ramsgate Society has continued to play a key role as a member of the HAZ Project Team. The Team consists of the Project Manager (Louisa Hrabowy) together with representatives from Historic England, Ramsgate Town Council, The Ramsgate Society and TDC.

Projects under way include an Historic Landscape Characterisation Study of the whole of Ramsgate, a Ramsgate Gazetteer to be published this year, and an exhibition using archive images and local artwork exploring Ramsgate’s heritage. The review of the Ramsgate Conservation Area is almost completed and the report will be published later this year. Other projects are in the pipeline.

We will continue to work closely with Historic England over the remaining three years to ensure that the Ramsgate HAZ project is a success for the town.

Read the rest of the report in the document below

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