"To encourage high standards of architecture and town planning; to stimulate public interest in, and to care for, the beauty, history and character of the Town and its surroundings; to encourage the preservation and improvement of features of public amenity or historic interest in Ramsgate.”

The Ramsgate Society would like to see our many buildings of historical interest or architectural merit being preserved.

We think new developments should be in keeping with existing buildings, and that developers should consult us wherever possible. We want to ensure that buildings in the Conservation Area retain their original fabric and we want repairs to those buildings replicated in the same materials, employing traditional skills. Plastic windows frames and doors are particularly unsuitable in and around Conservation Areas

We try to encourage the people of Ramsgate to be aware of the beautiful town in which they live, its architecture, its history and its heritage. We shall strive to keep them informed of proposed developments in the town and its surrounding area.

We hope our town will benefit from inspirational architecture and good quality building craft with full respect to our wonderful Regency, Georgian and Victorian splendour.

We want residents and visitors alike to enjoy our town and value its attractions.

We shall make the merits of Ramsgate known throughout the country and around the world.

We work hard to encourage Kent County Council and Thanet District Council to support the unique and historic town of Ramsgate.

Ramsgates Albion Hotel 18601

This excellent photograph shows how a prominent part of our town has changed over the last 150 years, but remains recognisable today - it is Harbour Parade in Ramsgate from around the 1860s.

Pictured is the old Albion Hotel that was demolished to make way for Madeira Walk, which was the new road built in the late 1890s. It meanders from Harbour Parade up to Albion House (top right in the picture) leading to Wellington Crescent and beyond to Granville House and the Granville Theatre. Shown also is the old alignment of the harbour wall, since moved further out into the harbour at the widening of that part of Harbour Parade, at around the same time.

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