We are part of a working group working closely with Ramsgate Town Council to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Ramsgate. The Neighbourhood Plan is an important statutory planning document that sits alongside the Thanet District Council (TDC) Local Plan and has to be taken into account by TDC officers and councillors when determining planning applications in Ramsgate. The difference between the two plans is that the Local Plan contains strategic policies for the district such as the locations and number of houses to be built over the plan period (2011 to 2031) whilst the Neighbourhood Plan is about how these strategic policies should be implementing locally in Ramsgate. 
The Ramsgate Neighbourhood Plan Team is considering a number of draft policies for inclusion in the plan. These cover design and the built environment, the local economy, the natural environment including green spaces, parks and public gardens and the provision of social infrastructure.
The Neighbourhood Plan Team would like to know your views on these issues, so as a member of The Ramsgate Society you are invited to a drop-in exhibition and public consultation on Saturday 25th November 10am to 2pm at Custom House, Harbour Parade, Ramsgate. There will be the opportunity to talk to members of the Neighbourhood Plan team and input your thoughts into the process.
The Neighbourhood Plan will be the subject of a local referendum before it is adopted so we are anxious that your views are incorporated into the document at an early stage so that there is general support from local residents for the policies and recommendations.  
Do please make a note in your diary to come along  and let us have your thoughts on what are some very important topics that will affect the future of Ramsgate for the next twenty years or so. 
You'll probably know that for the last three or four years we have been supporting the Friends of Ellington Park in their efforts to secure a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant (HLF) for the renovation of this historic park. After three years we finally managed to persuade Thanet District Council to support the bid and we obtained what is called a Stage 1 Pass and a grant of £148,000 from HLF Parks For People to develop the outline proposal into a Stage 2 Bid for £1.7m to restore the park to its former glory.
As part of the ongoing Stage 2 Bid we are doing a survey of residents in the area to find out what they think are the priorities for them as park users. This will help to take residents preferences into account as we finalise the Stage 2 Bid. We would be very grateful if you could complete the on line survey form which can be found at www.thanet.gov.uk/ellingtonpark 
Its very easy to do and if you submit the form before 30th Sept your name will be included in a draw to receive a £20 prize! 

The other day we came across the KCC Document "Manston Airport KCC Position Statement" on the KCC website.

It is very well researched and came to the same conclusion as the Ramsgate Society / Ramsgate Heritage and Design Forum Response to the recent RSP Consultation.

KCC have in the past been supportive of Manston Airport but in their conclusions on page 12 they say:

"Surely it is now time to look at a B Plan for Manston.
The driver must be to seize the best opportunity to create a significant number of new jobs and bring prosperity into East Kent.
RiverOak has not managed to convince Thanet District Council that there is a viable business plan. We believe the new owners (Stone Hill Park) have got a credible plan and the financial ability to create substantial numbers of new jobs which will bring prosperity and economic growth to East Kent."

Take a look at the report. We were not aware of this report of at the time of our response to the RSP consultation but is very gratifying to note that KCC came to the same conclusions as our own recent RSP consultation response.

John Walker

We've have carried out a thorough analysis of the RSP proposals for re-opening Manston airport and find they have no credibility in business terms and would have adverse effects on the health and well-being of our residents and visitors due to noise and air pollution. They would also undermine business confidence and investment in the town which is now beginning to show positive results for the town’s important and rich heritage.

Download the full detail of our response.

RSP Consultation Response HOT
Date 2017-07-30 File Size 1.66 MB Download 392 Download

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