Picture: 'The Sundowner' boat which the Ramsgate Society have stumbled across during their campaign to find and survey all of the town's war memorials.

Earlier this year members of the Ramsgate Society attended a Civic Voice workshop on its First World War Memorials Programme. During the workshop the group learned about the many different types of memorial and how to survey and add them to the War Memorials Online website.

Since the workshop the Ramsgate Society has been busy visiting the town's memorials of which there are over 100, including a very different war memorial in the ‘Sundowner’ boat. Originally the Sundowner was built for the Royal Navy and served throughout the First World War as a capital ship’s steam pinnace.

It was then converted ,in the 1930s, to a ‘gentleman’s motor yacht’ by Commander Herbert Lightoller RNR, DSC and Bar, the senior surviving officer of the Titanic. The Sundowner was taken by him to France for the 1940 evacuation from Dunkirk, returning with 130 men.

Could Ramsgate be the next town to find and survey the condition of all their war memorials? If you have been busy surveying the condition of your town's war memorials let us know and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This article has been reproduced from Civic Voice's 'War Memorials News - 25th October 2016' email

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