The other day we came across the KCC Document "Manston Airport KCC Position Statement" on the KCC website.

It is very well researched and came to the same conclusion as the Ramsgate Society / Ramsgate Heritage and Design Forum Response to the recent RSP Consultation.

KCC have in the past been supportive of Manston Airport but in their conclusions on page 12 they say:

"Surely it is now time to look at a B Plan for Manston.
The driver must be to seize the best opportunity to create a significant number of new jobs and bring prosperity into East Kent.
RiverOak has not managed to convince Thanet District Council that there is a viable business plan. We believe the new owners (Stone Hill Park) have got a credible plan and the financial ability to create substantial numbers of new jobs which will bring prosperity and economic growth to East Kent."

Take a look at the report. We were not aware of this report of at the time of our response to the RSP consultation but is very gratifying to note that KCC came to the same conclusions as our own recent RSP consultation response.

John Walker

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