Thanet District Council are Statutory Consultees with regards to the RSP pre application consultation for a Development Consent Order in respect of their proposals for the reopening of Manston Airport as a air freight hub.

The officers responsible for the discharge of the councils statutory planning function wrote to RSP's solicitors Bircham Dyson Bell on 16th February 2018 with their comments on the RSP Consultation.

The consultation response is attached for those who may be interested in reading it in full. It is very comprehensive and ranges from the business case to the environmental impacts and the implications for housing provisions in the district. As it is some 29 pages in length members might be interested in reading the conclusion before the proceed to the full response.

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There are potentially significant detrimental environmental and amenity impacts on Thanet and its local community from the development and these have not been addressed in the PEIR. The Council remain significantly concerned about the potential impact from your proposed development on the living conditions of those residential occupiers within close proximity of the airport, those residents living under the (indicative) flight paths, especially in relation to night flights, as well as disruption to multiple schools within the district. Further survey and investigatory work is required before the full impacts of your project can be quantified.

The ramifications on the proposal on the countryside has still not been assessed adequately in terms of visual impact and potential housing need, and there is a deficiency in information relating to delivery of the project or viability over the short, medium and long term which undermines any perceived economic benefits to the district from the project.

If the DCO and compulsory acquisition is successful, you will be required to work with the Council as the host authority, when dealing with detailed matters for the project. We are extremely disappointed that you have been unwilling to enter into a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) with Thanet District Council to allow us to ensure that adequate resources for handling the NSIP process are available and to encourage joint working between the applicant and statutory consultees.

The above comments are made without prejudice to the Council’s written representation submission, adequacy of consultation and local impact report on the NSIP application.

John Walker

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