This beautifully stained glass window has been boarded up for security inside the British Legion Headquarters at Cliff Street for some time.


Branch Secretary Mrs Wooldridge explained the precise dates are uncertain as to when the window was moved from the adjacent, former home of Sir William Curtis, Lord Mayor of London. He entertained George IV in his house just before the King designated Ramsgate harbour as Royal. Somehow the window survived in a triptych form with slim twin side panels, that were revealed again in August.

The main image of the Arms of London is reversed when viewed from the Club interior. However the British Legion placed the letters BL in two side panels so that they can be read correctly from inside the building. It may confuse future archaeologists but it blends two centuries and situations in a spectacular piece and was an auspicious unveiling as the Town begins to rediscover overlooked treasures from its past.

The Harbour Obelisk
commemorates the visit of George IV.


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