This beautifully stained glass window has been boarded up for security inside the British Legion Headquarters at Cliff Street for some time.

Written by Benedict Kelly

The 1925 sales map of Ramsgate's West Cliff shows the recently planned St Lawrence West Cliffs Estate. When the main house was built in 1795, Joseph Ruse had named it "Belmont." The 4th Earl of Darnley bought it in 1804 and renamed it "West Cliff House". The Times of October 2nd 1830 described "Lawn and pleasure gardens sloping towards the sea. It contains 10 principle bed chambers, servant's ditto, water closet s, dining and drawing rooms of large dimensions, ladies boudoir, library etc. 3 coach-houses, stabling for 8 horses, together with about 9 acres of rich meadow land. More land may be had if required'.

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