RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) are seeking a Development Consent Order (DCO) from the Government to redevelop and reopen the airport as a hub for international air freight and to acquire the site compulsory from the current owners Stone Hill Park.

A consultation on their plans commences this week lasting until 23 July. it is vital that all members make a response if the future of our town is to be safeguarded.

The main features of RSP’s proposals are for a major international centre for air freight capable of handling a minimum of 10,000 air freight Air Traffic Movements (ATMs) per annum. This equates roughly to 28 flights per day.

The long term aspiration is to increase the number of flights to around 17,000 ATM’s per annum equivalent to around 50 flights per day. This compares with just over 500 ATM’S per annum in the airports last year of operation (ie around 2 flights per day) and demonstrates the scale of the operation proposed: a potential 34 fold increase in aircraft movements every day of the year.

We have responded to the latest Thenet parkway Consultation. Here is a summary of our response:

Q6: To what extent do you agree or disagree with the proposed look of the station and car park?

Strongly disagree. We are very concerned that the siting and massing of the station structure pays little or no regard to its rural setting and in particular to its proximity to the nearby St Augustine’s  Cross.

The design is utilitarian and the proposed lift/stairway towers highly obtrusive on the local landscape.  We would prefer a lighter and more modern glass design throughout and hope to see a marked improvement in both concept  and materials proposed at the planning application stage. 

So far no attention has been given to landscaping and here we very much support the views of Lewis White who has been in communication with your team about the need for a properly considered and detailed landscaping plan as part of the overall plan for the complex-- not just green wallpaper!  The need for such a plan is critical when consideration is given to the car parking and road access arrangements  given the extent of the land required to adequately serve the station.

The Ramsgate Society were delighted to hear on 9th January that a joint application from The Friends of Ellington Park and Thanet District Council has been awarded a grant of £1.7 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)to improve and regenerate this important community asset.


Picture: 'The Sundowner' boat which the Ramsgate Society have stumbled across during their campaign to find and survey all of the town's war memorials.

Earlier this year members of the Ramsgate Society attended a Civic Voice workshop on its First World War Memorials Programme. During the workshop the group learned about the many different types of memorial and how to survey and add them to the War Memorials Online website.

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