The other day we came across the KCC Document "Manston Airport KCC Position Statement" on the KCC website.

It is very well researched and came to the same conclusion as the Ramsgate Society / Ramsgate Heritage and Design Forum Response to the recent RSP Consultation.

KCC have in the past been supportive of Manston Airport but in their conclusions on page 12 they say:

"Surely it is now time to look at a B Plan for Manston.
The driver must be to seize the best opportunity to create a significant number of new jobs and bring prosperity into East Kent.
RiverOak has not managed to convince Thanet District Council that there is a viable business plan. We believe the new owners (Stone Hill Park) have got a credible plan and the financial ability to create substantial numbers of new jobs which will bring prosperity and economic growth to East Kent."

Take a look at the report. We were not aware of this report of at the time of our response to the RSP consultation but is very gratifying to note that KCC came to the same conclusions as our own recent RSP consultation response.

John Walker

We've have carried out a thorough analysis of the RSP proposals for re-opening Manston airport and find they have no credibility in business terms and would have adverse effects on the health and well-being of our residents and visitors due to noise and air pollution. They would also undermine business confidence and investment in the town which is now beginning to show positive results for the town’s important and rich heritage.

Download the full detail of our response.

pdf.png RSP Consultation Response HOT
Date 2017-07-30 File Size 1.66 MB Download 1,966 Download

Dive deep into the history of Ramsgate with Ramsgate Reflections

We're all about building pride in our town and starting next weekend, there a series of free talks all about the vibrant history of Ramsgate.

Take a look at the programme and check out the full list of activities

Sat 22 July

Habour Saga: Brian Daubney tells the story of our harbour as an after lunch entertainment

Every Picture Tells a Story: Michael Blaker RE takes us on an illustrated talk of a lifetime of etching and painting.

Mon 24 July

The Clifftop Amazon: Laura Probert’s fond tribute to Dame Janet Stancomb-Wills: our first lady mayor and mostgenerous benefactress.

Tue 25 July

Ramsgate, Landscape andRamsgate, Landscape and People: Archaeologist Ges Moody explores three centuries of Ramsgate’s geology, archaeology and history

Wed 26 July

History of Ramsgate’s Lifeboats: John Ray reveals the history of lifeboating at Ramsgate since1802 with emphasis on key eventsand rescues.

Thurs 27 July

Pugin, Ramsgate and the Sea: Catriona Blaker will relate Pugin’s love and knowledge of the sea to his life in Ramsgate.

Fri 28 July

Ramsgate 1817 to 2017: Ups, DownsRamsgate 1817 to 2017: Ups, Downsand Whatever Next?: Terry & Janet Prue take the long view of Ramsgate’s popularity and relate it to prospectsfor prosperity in the future.

Sat 29 July

Location Ramsgate: Danny Nissim and Stephen Davies take you back o the town as it was, thanks to some nearly forgotten feature films.

Sun 30 July

The #Rooswijk1740 Project: Marine archaeologist Daniel Pascoe will update us on the ongoing excavation of this Dutch East India ship that sank on the Goodwin Sands in1740.



If you have not already responded to RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) about their plans to redevelop and reopen the airport as a hub for international air freight then you have until Sunday 23 July to do so.

We are urging everyone to consider carefully the impact of the proposed airport use, in particular the scale of the undertaking in terms of forecast cargo flight movements on our town and surrounding countryside, in making their responses. The Executive Committee is preparing a detailed and critical assessment of the proposals which will be placed on the website shortly.

Check out more information or contact either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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