The Ramsgate Society announces the Civic Champion recipients list for those who will receive awards at a ceremony on the 22nd June 2019 at the Royal Temple Yacht Club in Ramsgate. This coincides with National Civic Day.

The recipients are:
  • Becky Wing
  • Maxine Morgan
  • Beverley Perkins
  • Suzy Humphries
  • Rebekah Smith
  • Margarita Moscoso
Chairman John Walker said: "There are a great many people in Ramsgate who donate their time, effort and enthusiasm as volunteers to make Ramsgate a better place to live and work. Whether it’s by picking up litter, caring for our parks, gardens and open spaces, organizing community events, organizing Heritage Open Days, the Ramsgate Arts Festival or The Ramsgate Film Festival these people contribute enormously to our quality of life in the town. They often do this without any sort of praise or recognition for what they do and most of them wouldn't want it any other way. They do their work because they want to give something back to the community in which they live.

"Every alternate year The Ramsgate Society try to show their appreciation for what these very special people do by awarding a number of Civic Champion Awards in recognition of their dedication. This year the committee chose six people the Ramsgate Society would like to honour and these awards will presented by the Mayor of Ramsgate, Raushan Ara."