Ramsgate Sea Front Shelters August 2019

In May 2011 The Ramsgate Society took on the job of renovating fourteen Victorian Sea Front Shelters that had fallen into disrepair. The Society raised around £540,000 to undertake the work with grants from The Heritage Lottery Fund, The Sainsbury Foundation and other grant making bodies. As part of the scheme Thanet District Council granted a lease to the Society with an obligation to maintain the shelters in good condition. 

From an early stage the shelters were plagued with vandalism, mainly broken windows and graffiti but this has not deterred the Society from its obligation to maintain the shelters for the benefit of local residents and visitors who really appreciate them. In the last seven years the Society has spent over £10,000 on repairing damage and replacing broken glass and the task is ongoing.

This month a group of local residents turned out over a period of three days to repair and redecorate two of the shelters in The Paragon. The team of volunteers is lead by the Ramsgate Society Vice President Davena Green and is made up of Ramsgate Society members and local residents who have looked after and cared for nine shelters from the Eastern Esplanade to the Paragon.  

John Walker, Chair of The Ramsgate Society said, “Its really great that people in Ramsgate have retained a strong sense of civic pride at a time when local authority funding has become a national problem. Councils are not longer able to maintain the public realm in a condition that the community are entitled to expect but rather than just complain about the situation some people are prepared to get out there and do something about it.”

Shelters Redecoration August 2019

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