After a spate of vandalism over the summer months which has meant we have had to replace 16 panes of glass, the Ramsgate Society is "pushing back" on behalf of the local community. We think the best way to push back is to renew our efforts to keep the shelters well maintained and in good condition so that they can be enjoyed by local residents and visitors.

Davena Green, Vice President, was able to make contact with a group of volunteers who all work for Pfizer in Sandwich. They are keen to put something back into their local communities on a purely voluntary basis. Two of our members John Piddock and Geoff Redmund offered to do some preparatory work to get the shelters ready for the Pfizer team then on Monday 8th September Davena and the Pfizer volunteers got to work and in a single day restored the two shelters to their former glory.


We would like to thank two local Ramsgate companies Bowman Maintenance Contracting in Military Road and Leyland Paints in Pysons Road Industrial Estate for their help in getting an exact colour match and supplying the paint free of charge. A great example of local businesses supporting the local community.

We would very much like to thank the Pfizer Volunteers for their work. It's very gratifying to know that civic pride is alive and well and these volunteers are the living proof.

We will soon be turning our attention to the Eastcliff Shelters. On Sunday 17th September a small group will be meeting at the Eastcliff shelters to have a good clean up. Reflexions Window Cleaning (Andy) who voluntarily cleans the shelters from time to time has agreed to attend with their specialist equipment and help give the shelters a good clean for the Autumn. We need to clean the litter out first so if you feel like doing your bit for an hour on Sunday 17th Sept please come along at 10.30am.

Shelter Repaint 1

Shelter Repaint 2



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