We're taking the lead in an important project to carry out condition surveys of over 100 war memorials in Ramsgate and are looking for local volunteers who might be willing to help.

We feel that on the centenary of the First World War as we reflect on the events that saw so many people make the ultimate sacrifice, we believe it is vital to ensure our memorials are fitting tributes to the fallen. The project is part of a joint effort between Civic Voice, The War memorials Trust and The Imperial War Museum to help conserve and protect the nation's war memorials for the long term but will rely on local volunteers available to assess their condition to that steps can be taken to preserve them in the proper way.


The Ramsgate Society shop can now be found in the Clock House area of the The Maritime Museum, even though the museum itself is closed for the winter.

The Ramsgate Society Shop is open from 11.00am - 3.00pm, Tuesday through Saturday (Subject to availability of volunteers)

Come and buy a variety of gifts and souvenirs including teddies with the Ramsgate Logo, town trails, fridge magnets, pens, greetings cards, postcards, books, tea towels, views of old Ramsgate on slate, table mats and coasters with Ramsgate views.

The latest magazine is also available to pick up.

Join The Ramsgate Society and help make a difference to your Town.

Perhaps offer to help in the shop - we would appreciate more volunteer help. If you're interested, please speak to Rosemary on 01843 592102

Situated along the East and West Cliffs of Ramsgate are fourteen magnificent Victorian Shelters which were completely revamped under the auspices of the “The Ramsgate Society” in 2013, after many years of neglect.

£540,000 was raised via the Heritage Lottery Fund, TDC, sponsors and local residents. A 16 year lease, awarded to “The Ramsgate Society” by TDC, makes the society responsible for all maintenance including damage by vandals.


Since then repairs, due to vandalism and graffiti, have cost £7100

By Jennifer Smith

It was with sadness that we learnt in the summer of Roy’s illness and, soon after, his death. Our sympathies go to Viv and his family who meant so much to him.

Roy was involved in many aspects of The Ramsgate Society: he was a wise and respected member of the committee for many years, becoming President when he gave up committee work. He was ever watchful regarding heritage buildings in Ramsgate and took part in the yearly Heritage Open Days scheme. Roy wrote the scripts for the guides when the Costumed Walks Group was formed and led groups as they explored Ramsgate during the summer months.

The natural world was one of his great interests and he was vehemently opposed to the development once proposed for the former Hoverport. He enjoyed visiting Monkton Nature Reserve where his friend Ron was Warden and he also kept a close watch on Weatherlees.

He was a member of the sub-committee who, under Professor Brian May’s chairmanship, spent three years producing the Ramsgate Millennium Book. He also used to proof read the quarterly magazine with great diligence.

He did not limit his activities to Ramsgate. He was a founder member of the Margate Civic Society and represented The Ramsgate Society at Kent Federation of Amenity Societies’ meetings, serving on that committee also.

Roy’s last involvement with The Ramsgate Society was attending the planning sessions for the Golden Jubilee celebrations. We miss his and Viv’s presence at our meetings but are so grateful for his unfailing support. It was a privilege to work with him.

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