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Private Commercial

C1. Royal Pavilion, Harbour Parade. CT11 8LS

C3. Former Adult Education Centre, 35 Chapel Place. CT11 9SB

C8. Gas Board Offices, Boundary Road, CT11 7NE
      (F/TH/07/1200 & L/TH/07/1240)

C9. Banqueting Hall at the Granville Hotel, Victoria Parade. CT11 8DF

Private Residential

R1. Royal Villa, 13 Vale Square. CT11 9DF

R2. 5 Wellington Crescent. CT11 8JL
      (F/TH/08/0647 & L/TH/08/0648)

R9. Nos 25 & 26 Wellington Crescent. CT11 8JD

Local Authority

L1. Albion House, Albion Place. CT11 8HQ

L2. Will's Memorial, East Cliff Promenade

L3. Westcliff Lift, Prince Edward Promenade

L4. Clock House, Pier Yard. CT11 8LS

L5. Westcliff Hall ( Motor Museum), The Paragon, CT11 9JX

Conservation Area
Fire Damaged
Planning Application for Redevelopment
Structurally Unsound

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