The Annual General Meeting of the Society would normally have taken place by now; and indeed, we had intended to hold the meeting on Thursday 21st May but in present circumstances, we are unable to meet and so we have decided to postpone it until further notice. Meanwhile, we have prepared the agenda and relevant papers and now make them available to all members for inspection. 

Questions or comments on any of the papers may be addressed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will be most welcome, pending the announcement of the actual date of meeting.

Graham Woolnough
Ramsgate Society Honorary Secretary 

Zip file with all documents

pdf.png AGM 2020 Documents HOT
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Individual documents

pdf.png AGM2020-Agenda
Date 2020-11-14 File Size 55.08 KB Download 97 Download

pdf.png AGM2020-Chairmam Update
Date 2020-11-14 File Size 14.17 KB Download 79 Download

pdf.png AGM2020-Item 3
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pdf.png AGM2020-Item 5
Date 2020-11-14 File Size 33.84 KB Download 86 Download

pdf.png AGM2020-Item 8
Date 2020-11-14 File Size 18.9 KB Download 84 Download

pdf.png AGM2020-Item 9
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pdf.png AGM2020-Item 10 and 11
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pdf.png AGM2020-Postponement
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