While the changeable Covid situation makes future planning difficult, we are hoping to relaunch our regular talks programme with three events at the Ramsgate Festival of Sound. 
All talks must be booked in advance. For details and to book click here.
Tuesday August 31st at 6pm
Jacqui Ansell is planning an online Zoom talk to reveal her original research that delves deeper into the time Van Gogh spent in Ramsgate. Using visuals and extracts from his own and family letters she will provide an early glimpse of material destined for a new book on Van Gogh in Ramsgate.
Wednesday September 1st at 3:30pm and 5:30pm 
In our return to live events at the Yacht Club we hope to welcome Clive Aslet (historian, author, editor and, yes, The Ramsgate Society President) to talk about his latest book ‘The Real Crown Jewels of England’. He describes it as his lockdown journey of the mind to explore 100 places of wonder, beauty and inspiration that embody the heart and soul of England.
Thursday September 2nd at 3:30pm and 5:30pm 
Also at the Yacht Club we are thrilled by the prospect of welcoming Julia Abel Smith to Ramsgate to talk about her book ‘Forbidden Wife - The Life and Trials of Lady Augusta Murray’. It is a roller-coaster of a tale of the life of Lady Augusta whose marriage to a royal prince was declared illegal, thereby reducing her from beautiful socialite to social pariah with children declared illegitimate and family scorned. She found solace by moving to Ramsgate where her popularity as ‘The Duchess’ is still reflected in numerous place names, including Augusta Steps and Augusta Road. She is buried in the Este Mausoleum at St Laurence’s Church.
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